As promised, here are some high level notes to put into practice what we discussed during our workshop

 World definition: “Trust means a willingness to be vulnerable and choosing to take a risk.” This is because we cannot predict someone’s future actions. We do not know if our actions will be reciprocated with. We are unable to guarantee that the other person will keep what we have shared in confidence.

Spiritual definition: “Unflinching faith in something sublime.” Trust is reserved for the infallible. One trusts people and the divine on different levels understanding their current situation.

How do we know if someone is trustworthy?

  1. First impressions – face to face easier to judge
  2. Language – extreme words, complete acceptance or denial
  3. Body language – hard to hide facial/body expressions

3 Types of Trust (Modes)3 types of trust

  • Mode of ignorance – Blind Trust – no research,
    diligence of observation
  • Mode of passion – short term, based on caliber, based on externals
  • Mode of goodness – based on proactive research, character and care added

How to observe trust

  1. Calibre – Trust means believing that the person has the ability to deliver on whatever has been discussed.
  2. Care – Trust is believing someone cares for you. That they have a degree of benevolence.
  3. Character – Trust means you feel aligned on values, moral principles and long term aims.

How to build trust through your speech

  1. Is it true?
  2. Is it beneficial?
  3. Will it agitate others mind?
  4. Is it based on scriptural logic?
  5. Are you the right person to say it?
  6. Is it the right time and place?

People distrust those who

  1. Complain – remove this from your speech
  2. Compare – remove this from your words
  3. Criticise – remove this from your mind


Understand trust is a pyramid and spectrum not black or white

Highest level of trust – Unconditional

pyramid of trust


5 Rules of Trust

T – Trust works in levels
R – Reference points of Character, Calibre and care
U – It is about you!
S – Select appropriate trust type
T – Transform through spiritual practices

Key Bhagavad Gita Chapters Referenced

Chapter 14, focus on verse 17
Chapter 16, focus on verses 1-4
Chapter 17, focus on verse 15


Here are a few photos from the night.