Relationships are the key to our success and progress in life. They are a channel to growth, opportunity and fulfilment.

Greater quality in our relationships come from understanding others, ourselves and building relationships based on common ground, especially common values. We should look to build closer relationships with those we can relate to and who can relate to us.

Our personal impact upon others comes through the quality of our exchanges with them. Intelligent but sincere giving or service is a powerful principle for building relationships.

Trust is built by following 6 laws of trust:

  1. Clarify expectations.
  2. Share relevant information.
  3. Honour commitments.
  4. Admit mistakes.
  5. Make amends.
  6. Allow for mutual influence.

According to the Vedic principles, relationships are built on values so it’s wise to look for like minded friends where there is common ground. Finding a common ground also helps one communicate well with others and build rapport as does giving ones full attention to others.

Relationships last when they are based on truth, on an understanding of ourselves, others and a willingness to serve.

Reciprocation is a powerful way to build relationships.  By wisely giving in the association of those who can appreciate that giving, we grow. Giving without the intention of return is most powerful.  That giving is known in Vedic circles as seva and such can also be done as a process of Bhakti yoga when we give to the Supreme.

To be whole and successful one should have wise mentors relating to the different areas of life. These can include health, finance, career, relationships and even meditation or spiritual pursuits.