Sewa Pioneer Awards

On September 15th, Veda London received a Sewa Pioneer award for the 2015 Mind, Body, and Soul project.

This award was received on the merit of the 6 year long project whereby the team, which has grown in numbers from 12-65 partakes in a number of community based sewa projects.  Initiatives include visiting several elderly care homes armed with prashadam cookies and flowers to spend time with dementia sufferers; cooking prashadam and distributing at 9 homeless shelters; sorting through donations at the matchless gifts charity store; making care packages for refugees in Calais, helping at a stables where horses are used to help autistic children and adults; sponsoring lunch and buying stationary for school children in Vrindavan and collecting toys for children’s hospitals.

This project provides an opportunity to participate in in innovative community projects. Now in its 7th year, this year’s project will take place on 9th October 2016. .

Please contact us if you would like to volunteer or donate. 


Braja Majithia from Veda London taking the award

Braja Majithia from Veda London taking the award